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Welcome to the tripod blog.

About Author PageMy name is Peter. I am fond of photography. Quite naturally, I am not a professional photographer. My job is in the marketing field. Meanwhile, I adore top-quality advertisement pictures. Nature and wildlife ones are always beyond the competition.

Here, in Little Rock, AR, I’ve taken a lot of perfect photos. There are a lot of picturesque places here.

The sights I like most include:

  • Riverfront Park;
  • Big Dam Bridge;
  • the Arkansas River Trail;
  • Little Rock Zoo;
  • the Bernice Garden;
  • North Shore River Walk.

I like capturing the river banks and bridges. Parks and gardens are always amazing, during any season. People on the street may look scenic, as well. Have you seen the Farmers Market? With all of these fruits, greenery and vegetables? It looks fantastic!

So, how would you take these pictures? Landscape, portrait or street ones? How would you snap a unique photo? An unparalleled one? Your creativity is a must. The ordinary approach would be just dull. However, top-quality photographic tools are essential. You definitely have got your cherished, professional camera. It’s all-metal, equipped with a microphone. The settings like shutter speed, ISO, aperture, exposure mode are easy-to-access.

Meanwhile, a tripod is among the basic photography accessories. Without this sturdy support, it would be impossible to stabilize the camera. Taking sharp pictures would be troublesome. It’s useful when you need to elevate or rotate the equipment. The stand is essential in low-light conditions or when you need to disengage your hands.

So, how do you select the best tripod for your genre and application? Let me help you with small pieces of advice. I have tested a lot of top-quality tripods. Therefore, I would like to tell you about:

  • the leading brands;
  • the most reliable materials;
  • the principal features;
  • the basic types of tripods.

I cite the most trustworthy expert opinions and extract the key customers’ reviews. I highlight the critical benefits and drawbacks of each item. I hope it helps you with your selection. It’ll make it faster and more conscious.

So, enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to contact me. Ask your questions and share your experience with me.

Best regards,

Peter K. Brown